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address to english [Oct. 4th, 2012|07:06 pm]
Japanese/English Translation - 和英/英和訳

 名古屋市名東区香坂501 香坂ビル2F North "BEVAULT"

I want to translate this to an English address.  But I'm not sure I'm reading the kanji correctly.

Nagoya-shi higashi-ku
bansaka 501 bansaka biru 2F North

the bansaka part I feel like I've got completely wrong. Should it be kosaka???

Can someone help?
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Katekyo Hitman Reborn and Magi The Labyrinth of Magic Doujinshi Translators! [Feb. 11th, 2012|02:16 pm]
Japanese/English Translation - 和英/英和訳

Hello! :) 
Me and my friend are searching for some japanese/english translators for our Katekyo Hitman Reborn! & Magi the Labyrinth of Magic Doujinshi community! We have so many doujinshi to translate, so if you are interested to work with use, please conctact me! 
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a little help please? [Feb. 4th, 2012|01:07 pm]
Japanese/English Translation - 和英/英和訳

Okay, so I ordered something online through a japanese website (rakuten, if you care and through 
rakuten, a company called Joshin)...and then a while later they sent this note...which I
can't figure out. I'm not good, at all, with the super polite language they're using...
and I'm not sure if they're asking me to make a change to my name and
aaddress (I gave it to them in romaji, but it's no problem for me to rewrite it in J) or if
they're telling me they made a change...or something completely different then what I think?

thanks for using Joshin.

your request has been recorded

「 my full name」様のお名前でございますが
[] is your name, but...

文字数の関係上、「my family name」様と変更して登録いたしました。


Sorry for the inconvenience

please be understanding...

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Manga translation request [Jan. 11th, 2012|08:00 pm]
Japanese/English Translation - 和英/英和訳
Okay, I hope that I'm posting this to the right community/doing this correctly... If this should be moved somewhere else or something just let me know.

But hi! This is my first time posting here and I'd just like some help getting a manga translated. Warning: It IS a VERY adult manga so if you're not old enough/comfortable enough with very sexual content than you shouldn't do this.

Anyway, I'd like to get a certain Manga- "Golden Boy" Volume 10- to be translated for me. I looked all over and noone has ever done scanlations for it. I don't need anyone to edit the manga itself in any way at all. And you can even leave out all of the sound effects if you want. What I mainly want is just to know what the characters are saying to each other- that's all. You can give me the translated text of the dialogue in a Word document or a private message or anything you want. It doesn't have to be perfect either; I wont flip out over mistakes- I just really really want to know what the conversations are about. As long as I have a basic understanding, I will be satisfied.

Also, since this may be a big task, I'm willing to buy you livejournal tokens or iconspace or anything LJ-related that I can pay for easily from this site directly to your account/other accounts of your choosing.

If you're interested, please tell me here or through a private message if you'd prefer; then I can give you a link to where you can easily download the manga if you need it. I'd like to have this done soon... By the end of January, if that's possible.
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artwork signature and title/description [Sep. 18th, 2011|07:37 pm]
Japanese/English Translation - 和英/英和訳

[Current Mood |curiouscurious]
[Current Music |Roll On by The Living End]

My dad bought this carved wood plaque at a flea market and asked me to try to figure out what it says. I got as far as being able to tell it's Japanese, and then got stuck haha. I scoured through a list of Kanji characters trying to spot the characters in the signature, but I had no luck. I've put some pictures of the writing under the cut.

picsCollapse )

Any help with this would be really appreciated! Thanks :)
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help me check? pretty please? [Sep. 10th, 2011|09:43 am]
Japanese/English Translation - 和英/英和訳

I started translating this blog on a whim (and the knowledge that I had nothing to do at work that day), but in reality、 it's way beyond my level of Japanese.  BUT, now that I've started I have to finish.  So can you guys help me correct this?  This is the first time I've ever tried to translating something (rather than just reading it naturally) and I feel like it was all a giant guess on my part. 

To give it some context it's a vocalist's blog.  Previously he had written than he was going to lock himself away in his apartment and write music because life/blogging/friends were too distracting.  so, basically he was having trouble coming up with any ideas etc and this blog entry seems to be saying he suddenly had an explosion of ideas, that they seemed to come swooping down upon him.  And that it was a good, successfull time of being a hermit.  that he's sorry for not contacting anyone but because he still has a little time before the band meeting he's going to touch-up the songs a little and will be continuing to not answer until that meeting.  right?


Just like that, time is passing too fast.

Currently, my mind is exploding.

It (???) came flying down.

It's a good condition.

I'm a good shut-in.

For sure, I'm sorry to the non-contacted people.

Because tomorrow there is a meeting, if there is time I can 'refine;' until then I'll be immersed.

With the exception of urgent business, I won't be answering.

Thank you for your help!!
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Quick question [Dec. 10th, 2010|08:00 pm]
Japanese/English Translation - 和英/英和訳

My Japanese is failing me today.

What is the most natural way to say "graduate school application essay" in Japanese? Also, would 志望動機説明書 be fitting for the "statement of purpose" type essay typically written for this application?
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Manga translation [Oct. 6th, 2010|05:34 pm]
Japanese/English Translation - 和英/英和訳

I am a member of a French Team and I am desperately searching for someone who can understand Japanese to continue to translate 2 main projects as well as some doujinshi (not involving yaoi, hentai or anything like that in case those bother you). You don't need to know French as I know English enough to translate from English to French and of course you will be credited.
The projects in question are Tales of Destiny : Director's Cut and Tales of Destiny 2 and the doujinshi are around the same fandoms. You don't need to know them though.
My first translator ditched me by e-mail not long ago because she doesn't have time anymore to want to translate anything.
I wondered if someone here could help me or know other people who could help me.
Thank you very much,
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(no subject) [Sep. 22nd, 2010|02:27 pm]
Japanese/English Translation - 和英/英和訳

[Current Mood |goodgood]

Somebody fluent in both English and Japanese, please help me with the following words.  Could  anybody translate it in Japanese?  I've tried but not fully satisfied,  Thanks!

 More troubling than the coercion for the 'common good' is the insults that come as retorts to appeals to freedom. And as bad as the insults is the assertion no trade-off occurs with these coercive mandates, that no 'negative rights' (liberty) is lost, when it is self-evident that it is.

Everything I just said is routinely subject to ridicule in the mass media. If you don't consider it backward, they will ostracize you from society.
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